Author Topic: Read this first : How to write introduction ?  (Read 6628 times)


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Read this first : How to write introduction ?
« on: June 20, 2012, 03:30:57 PM »
You are welcome to IandB community and we would like to know something about you, definitely you don't want to give us boring introduction saying just HI, to make introduction interesting, we have following suggestions as well some rules,

1. Try to have a detailed introduction, you don't want to look boring with an intro saying just saying HI.
2. Try to include stuff like your Hobbies (other than computers and internet , we already know about your love for internet and computers).
3. Talk about your work , if not working then what you are studying or looking for work ?
4. Tell us something about your field  of expertise.
5. From where you get to know about this community.
6. Note:, do not post links in your introduction, if you want to tell us about your website, then we are generous enough to allow you to use link to your blog / website in your signature, you can even Show OFF your website in appropriate section but not here.
7. Ofcourse, no spam and objectionable content in your Intro at I&B.

I hope following above rules and suggestion, we can make this place more interesting as well spam free.
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