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     I am using the PremiumMGC template for my SMF Forum, with TinyPortal add-on, and I have a general question regarding ONE, CSS been searching the internet like crazy and figured that this might be the best place to ask.

     I want to change the background of the theme monthly using css. I have looked on the net and found a way to make the background image change each time the page is refreshed however I would like it to select a SPECIFIC image based on the current month...server side or user side whichever is easier. I have tried many options however I can't get it to work. I am no coding guru, everything I have learned is self taught.

     I would greatly appreciate any assistance that could be offered with this query.


Actually we can't help you without looking at your CSS Code. The part were you got problems.

Wouldn't that be fairly easy with a small javascript code in the head?

Something like this...


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