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Blog reproduced alliance theory and implementation
« on: September 19, 2012, 01:40:22 AM »
A, environment.
Wordpress has always been a favored by the vast number of webmaster favorite system, with the proportion of wp do station group is also high. Simple efficient easy to maintain, and many of the card, the search engine high affinity.

Second, the principle.
Want to link quality is high, one is to ensure that the correlation, another to make the page itself have weight.

Third, to realize.
Use a PHP program, to the wordpress root directory, let it can read blogs classification and articles, the administrator designated his need to upload articles and download articles issued by classification, webmaster set in advance of their passwords, take these data to the server, the server to distribution article released to the webmaster designated classification below.

Four, detail processing.
In order not to influence the site itself user experience, reprint articles released early time will be 5 years, generally only spiders and special love dug grave users can browse these articles.
Master password will not save to the server, so heike white guest can through the attack server for alliance user release authority, and the webmaster want to change a code can change at any time, does not affect the normal use of the system.



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