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Optimize the search engine's entry level skills
« on: September 19, 2012, 01:30:50 AM »
1) the enemy
First of all, you must understand yourself to optimization of the website is currently position, and will often monitoring, this is the most basic of things to do. Practical tools such as ALEXA and GOOGLETOOLBAR, can monitor all PAGERANK situation. We must look regularly website ranking and visitor information, such ability with the improvement from the website ranking. In the past I also look at least every week once, it can only follow the current optimization scheme is feasible.
2) find a good web site name
That a lot of people are ignored, but is very important! Many even life website, with their company name, but to do this, but actually wasted an important optimization scheme. I also used with company name naming site, and finally really want to spend a few years time to let the search engines to look, is a thankless task. You have a try in the GOOGLE search "MOBILE" a word, ranking the first web site is called MOBILE01.COM, don't you do not believe.
3) key
You should consciously will be appropriate keywords placed in the whole of your web site, including: your title, the content, the address, and the name of the document image. Standing in your customer's position, and they will find you will use what key as a search condition?
Title tags page titles and two of the most important parts of the key word, so we should pay attention to.
Warm prompt: too many key on your web site, search engine will you mark for garbage website, please give special attention to. Such as: flashing light, flashing light, flashing light, flashing light, flashing light, flashing light.
4) add a web page map
Do a web page map, which have drawn all page and links and all other main page, this arrangement, can let a search engine is more easy to search your site. Your goal is to: fewer click can to your site, it is the best arrangement.



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