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What Software Do You Use To Design Graphics

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I have CS5 but I haven't done anything with it yet. What do you use?

You mean you have photoshop cs5, well then it comes with tutorial, basic to advance, follow them, in a week or so, you will have good knowledge which will increase with time.

I am still a beginner in graphics designing. Everyone I know use Photoshop for logos and similar work. Some are GIMP fans.

Corel painter 12 because I do a lot of stuff with the natural media and was used to working by hand. Use photoshop for some stuff though.

Illustrator is great for logos and graphic design though.

To echo someone else, If you arent used to photoshop there are some good online tutorials for almost anything, Thats how I learned painter.

Hey buddy, I have a free ebook for photoshop beginners, good place to start I think... you can see the download image link. Download the ebook, I am sure it would prove to be beneficial for u
if you are unable to open the site, i tried it and was not loading,


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