Author Topic: Created a logo for IAB for advertising.  (Read 13066 times)


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Created a logo for IAB for advertising.
« on: September 29, 2012, 10:23:35 PM »

Instead of being idle I've decided to work on something for IfAndBut and make another topic to engage the activity, so I created a logo for IAB community. Those who are willing to advertise for IAB into their websites they can use it, it perhaps don't look luring since I haven't spent much on that but sooner or later this week I am going to make a newer one.

I've added that image for previewing, have a look at it and suggestions are more then welcomed. You can simply reply back with your suggestions and will be edited upon request. Just for a reminder; this is not created from scratch, however; it's the online logo making program which I have posted into Graphics and Designing section.
Quote from: Soomro Productions

The ready-made HTML and CSS codes are included below and both are specified.
  The codes are not tested, I've just typed into here. If you face any problem regarding the codes just fix them by yourself. :P If can't just inform me by messaging me into my inbox, i'll fix them.


Copy the code below and paste anywhere you want your logo to be; and this code will surely work if you copy what is in the code bar.

Code: [Select]
<a href=""><img src=""></img></a>

Using CSS

For those who wants the image to be secret including the codes, just copy down the css codes below and put anywhere in your css stylesheet.

Code: [Select]

#iab {

After copying that goto the HTML codes of your page and copy the below code down and paste wherever you want this logo to be.

Code: [Select]
<div id="iab">

I am working onto create one in Photoshop from scratch and make it more attractive and luring. Thanks for spending some of your time in my post and this post perhaps not worth it
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Re: Created a logo for IAB for advertising.
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2012, 09:57:03 AM »
I am glad to see you contributing to I&B :)

We have I&B logo and new design ready but its been delayed as currently I am busy in few urgent thing, after that I will start updating I& very soon.


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Re: Created a logo for IAB for advertising.
« Reply #2 on: September 30, 2012, 04:47:56 PM »
You're very welcome, I am excited to see the new logo and post the link of the logo image once you are done uploading, please. :)



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